Lucy Cigarroa-Ferrell

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Statement of Academic Honesty

The Robertson County virtual option is dedicated to student achievement at the highest level.

We expect academic honesty to be a core value for all its students, parents, and staff. By making the choice to enroll in an alternative, study-at-home program, our students (and/or their parents/legal guardians) have taken charge of their education and demonstrated a genuine desire to fulfill their academic potential.

Cheating, plagiarizing, or other acts of academic dishonesty are directly counter to the principles of academic excellence and harm most students who engage in such activities – they cheat themselves of the opportunity to fully develop their intellectual abilities. The Statement of Academic Honesty serves to reinforce our students’ commitment to academic excellence.


I know that academic honesty is critical to my own success, as well as to the mission of my school. I agree that I will uphold not only the letter of this code but also its implied intent of ongoing commitment to full academic honesty.


I agree that I will …

· never submit work of any kind that is not my own, nor ever give my work to other students to submit as their own.

· never post exam or quiz answers on the Internet or in other public places, nor use answers from posted exams or quizzes.

· never provide a forged document or signature to the School.

· never plagiarize in written, oral, or creative work.

· be well-informed about plagiarism and not use “lack of knowledge” as a reason for engaging in plagiarism.

· take assessments only after I have completed the lessons leading up to that test or quiz.

· never give or receive unauthorized assistance or assessments. I understand that all assessments are “closed book” a